The following list was prepared by Forbes, in partnership with the C-Level/CEO Program at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP). Publicly traded companies were filtered using the VEC Value Creation methodology, looking at financials for 2010-2017, then 2018 financials were evaluated to check for consistency in the final year. Companies whose CEOs started in 2018 or 2019 were excluded, to ensure Read more


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Valid Solution reduces fraud using credit card security codes

The fraud-reduction system, which sends out security codes over SMS, was developed by Valid and has reduced the number of cases of fraud via interception for CREDZ, a company that works with retail chains all over Brazil. The solution was featured on the E-Commerce News portal. Read the full article here. (only available in Portuguese)

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Valid to produce identification cards and driver’s licenses for Vermont, USA

In its July 17, 2018 issue, the magazine Isto É Dinheiro highlighted the contract signed with the state of Vermont, in the USA, to provide driver’s licenses and identification cards for residents. This is the third American state to start issuing documents produced by Valid. The services Valid is to provide as part of this contract include gathering of photographs and Read more

Driver’s Licenses
identification cards

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Mayor Elorza Announces Launch of Providence’s Municipal Identification Card Program

On June 25, 2018, the news site featured an article about the fact that the city of Providence will start offering municipal ID cards to citizens. The document, which is produced by Valid, enables citizens of Providence to have access to the services offered by the municipal government in a more practical and secure manner. Providence is the Read more

municipal ID cards

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Increase in banking services using apps

Valid’s solution for transactions via apps was featured in Brazilian newspaper DCI. The Valid Social Banking platform allows users to perform transactions such as money transfers, and access a variety of financial services such as checking their balance, making payments, deposits, scheduling withdrawals, and location of ATMs using their smartphones, without having to exit whatever app they are using. Read Read more

Banking Services
Valid Social Banking

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Benefits of the Auto Wrecking Act

Valid talks about the Auto Wrecking Act and the benefits and advantages it offers to society in the O Popular newspaper from Goiânia, state of Goiás Read the full article here (only available in Portuguese): Learn more about the solution here.


Tracking solution for auto parts was featured in TV News Program

Tracking solution for auto parts distributors and auto wreckers was featured in the Bom Dia Goiás TV News Group. Watch the video here (available in Portuguese only): Learn more about the solution:


Valid’s Smart Cities solution highlights innovations in urban infrastructure

Valid’s Smart Cities solution was covered in issue 241 of the Lumière Electric magazine, which highlights innovations in urban infrastructure. It’s a set of solutions and services that serve to identify citizens and create a unified database, with the aim of improving administration and providing tools for decision-making, management of tax collection and relationships with companies from the municipalities. Read more


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Márcio Nunes is appointed as a new member of the ICP-Brasil steering committee

Márcio Nunes, CEO of Valid Digital Certification, a company that is part of the Valid Group and totally dedicated to Digital Certification, was named as the new Alternate for the steering committee for ICP-Brasil - the Brazilian public key infrastructure (ICP-Brasil), which is tied to the President’s Chief of Staff’s Office. Read the full article (only available in Portuguese). Read more



Valid’s performance on the Brazilian stock exchange was featured in the January 2018 edition of Isto É Dinheiro

Valid’s performance on the Brazilian stock exchange was featured in the January 2018 edition of Isto É Dinheiro, a Brazilian financial magazine. The article evaluates 2017 as net positive for the stock market, especially for small caps, which trade stocks with lower market value. The reason for this boost in the sector (an increase of 49.3%) has to do Read more

Investor Relations
Valid Stocks

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EXAME magazine features Valid stock

Valid was featured on the list of the country’s 15 most profitable stocks, as published on EXAME magazine’s website. The analysis highlights that the return for the company’s stock was 197% between 2011 and October 2015. The ranking also shows that the percent yield was 229% higher than the BOVESPA Index.Investor Relations page>

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